Saturday, December 29, 2007

What happens when the surf gets big?

You see more broken boards on the beach.

With the big surf we've had this week I've been seeing a lot more broken boards than usual.

Maverick's Xmas 3D Surf Video v1.0

Finally! I had to do a lot of work to reduce the shake from using full zoom and zoom extenders on my 3d rig. I have found a bunch of little things to fix with my long distance 3d rig but even what I have now seems to work okay. This video still has some problems I'm trying to work out but it's the best 3d Maverick's footage I have shot to date. Maybe at some point I'll post some of my older Mavericks footage for comparison. Enjoy -:]

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cleaning up my Mavericks video

So I was up late trying to figure out the best way to reduce the shake and improve the stereo 3d quality of all the Mavericks video I shot yesterday. I think I have finally come up with the solution. Take a look at this shot then compare it the the same shot I put up before deshaking at the end of yesterdays post.

So much better right?!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Santa dropped some waves off this morning -:]

Here is the spot I tried to hit yesterday, looking a bit better today. I managed to get a few Xmas waves. Then I got out and took a few pictures.

So a few people showed up here because just about every where else was a bit to big for mere mortals. Check out what was going on just around the corner from where I was surfing -:[]

Mavericks had a little bit of action going on today. Looks like it may go off a couple more times this week and possibly get bigger if things line up right. I have a few more minutes of footage of Mavericks from today that I'm trying to edit together and get up loaded. All in all Santa was very nice to us Nor-Cal surfers today!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Surf Sucked This Morning

Met up with a friend for dawn patrol this morning to find everything all blown out. Really strong on shore winds and the only protected spot was almost flat -:\ So I came home and decided to try putting a video I shot last month up. This was shot from the roof of my apartment. I had gone skateboarding that morning for the 2nd or 3rd day in a row and had come home really tired and kind of beat up. I came over the last hill and saw this stuff going off. I was so tired and beat up from skating I knew there was almost no point in me trying to paddle out so I grabbed my stereo 3D video rig and climbed onto our roof and shot about 20min of video. This is what I got. Make sure to get out some red/blue (red over the left eye) 3d glasses because everything is better in 3D!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007-12-22 First Post

I've lived across the street from the beach here at Ocean Beach in San Francisco for just over 4 years now and after looking at a few pictures I took today and I decided it was time to start a Surf blog. I don't actually surf at O.B. that often because it's usually above my skill level but if it's around head high or less I can manage it if I'm not to busy being lazy. I was lazy today but I did take a couple of pictures. There were some bigger waves than these rolling through but I didn't get pictures of the guys getting barreled. Maybe next time.

I really should have grabbed my board and paddled out.