Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skate Week

My friend Mike who I have been skating with since 9th grade, some 23ish years now, was in town this past week. We mostly skated and took pictures and video of skating.

Here is Mike busting an ollie over a recycle bin at the Menlo Park Skate Park.

And here he is holding on to the picture frame to help him land this rail slide.

Here is Steven busting an ollie over the same recycle bin.

At the Pacifica Skate Park we met this kid named Shane who was tearing it up. That's Mike taking a picture.

Shane kept doing these big ollies out of the bowl and onto this platform. He was pulling all kinds of grabs and 180s and stuff.

You can see how big the ollie is better from this angle.

At Menlo Park there was a biker pulling some nice airs.

I like this shot a lot but it's not as 3d as the first one of him.

More pictures and probably some video coming soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Driving back from Kelly Ave

The Jetty looked unsurfable this morning. On my drive home it looked a little better.

Though it was pretty much breaking right on the beach -:\

Gray Whale Cove always looks cool though the waves looked a little disorganized today. They look kind of small but my guess is they were easily head+.

Kelly Ave

The waves ended up being pretty fun this morning.

Here is my buddy Eli who I surf with most of the time. I saw him get at least one wave better than this one but I didn't have my camera out.

Here are a few sequences of ED. Click on any of them to see a bigger version.

DOH! Didn't make it out.

Ed caught the most waves and had the best rides. He has also been surfing for a lot longer than us kooks. I only managed to score 2 decent rides today but that's better than some days I've had so I can't complain too much.

Surfers Beach / The Jetty @ Low Tide

This is one of my favorite surf spots at low tide. Normally those rocks in the middle of the picture are mostly under water. It is odd to see them mostly high and dry. It's also good to see them like this every once in a while so you know what is going on under you because a lot of the time the best waves roll right over them. Some times there are more rocks exposed. I think this is the most buried in sand I have seem them. Click to see a bigger version. Oh, if you want to see what it looks like when it's more fun check out this post from a few Christmases ago.