Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bioluminescent Birthday!

So it's my birthday and I headed out for a birthday dawn patrol. Everyone bailed on me but being my birthday I wasn't going to let that stop me today. I hit the place I most wanted to surf and ended up getting there a little before sunrise. I was watching for waves and noticed that the bigger sets (which weren't very big, maybe waist) seemed to be greenish. I thought it was from a stop light down the road. But it was the wrong color green and the light was pretty far away. Then I noticed it was actually in the wave not reflecting off it. The waves white water was still white in the light but there was a green glow inside the bigger waves. It looked like a green lighting storm inside the waves as they broke. The smaller waves didn't glow or at least not enough for me to see. It was starting to get light so it was probably washing most of the glowing out. I bet it looked really cool about an hour before I got there. Still It was a great birthday present from mother nature. I only had my phone camera on me which wouldn't have come close to capturing it so no pictures. Sorry.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Clean OBX Wave

I was back east in the Outer Banks, NC for my yearly week long family vacation. Surfed every day except the day we arrived at 8pm and the day we left at 6am. Mostly knee high waves with a few in the waist maybe higher but pretty clean and fun enough.

This was my only successful attempt at getting a shot of a tiny barrel.