Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mavericks First Big Swell of the Season

Here is the janky ass video I shot of Mavericks. I didn't have any video tapes for my stereo 3d rig so I shot this with my point and shoot. You can see the rig below. Anyway it was fun to get out and watch the first big swell of the season!

A couple of guys getting ready to head out. I love those boards.

A lady with bigger balls than most tough guys getting ready to go out.

This is the view from where I was standing. This is at the top of a 40-50 foot is cliff and is probably one of the best spots you can watch from short of being in the water. That wave in the middle top which is the farthest out is the break. There is actually someone riding it and if you click to view the bigger image you can almost make them out but probably not. The guy there in front of me had a huge lens.

Here is what that barbed wire fence protects. It's some kind of Navy installation. I think mostly weather and radar stuff. It has the prime spot for watching Mavericks and normal people are not aloud in.

Here is the top of the cliff. In this picture you can see just about all of the top of the cliff that you can watch from. I was standing along the very steep back side of the cliff. Not a whole lot of room for spectators. I think only 10-20 cameras could get a good view or maybe 30-40 people.

Here a view from the same spot looking down. It's a pretty steep climb as you can see from the guy making his way up. There are some spots along that edge you can watch from but they are not so comfy and less than the best view.

This is they guy who was in front of me with his huge lens. I bet he got better shots than me.

Here is the super cheap and small gheto lens extender rig I took with me. It's why my video is less than super. The clamp thing cost $20 from B&H Photo and totally worth it for lo-tech video. Though my rig is cheap and less than perfect I actually really enjoy the janky quality of the video I shoot with it.

All hooked up and ready to go. I hand held all of my shots and had to do a lot of post deshake to make it kind of watchable.

This is the end I spend most of my time looking at.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun at the Jetty

Got to the Jetty early and had plenty of time to surf thanks to the fall back.

Here is a mid size wave from this morning. There were bigger and smaller waves and most of them were clean and fun.

Shot this video. Just about everyone ended up getting caught inside when the set came through so I didn't really capture the magic that was happening here today but the video was okay so I put it up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Novembers Starts off With a Bang

Yesterday was small mellow OB.

Today Not so much.


And there is what OB is all about. Make sure to click on the images to see them bigger.